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100% Satisfaction GuaranteeFor those on their feet all day, our Comfort functional orthotics can help. The Comfort orthotic offers our signature 3 Arch Advantage™ support for the body with the ultimate ‘cushy’ feel for the feet.

  • More cushioned support to help reduce foot fatigue and pain
  • Additional heel strike protection and toe-off propulsion for optimized protection during gait
  • 3 Arch Advantage™ support for improved biomechanics, less stress on the joints
extreme comfort custom orthotic


  • Patients who need extra comfort
  • Patients who stand for a lot of time on hard surfaces
  • Patients who need maximum cushioning (especially with sensitive feet)
  • Extreme shock absorption at heel strike
ultra comfort custom orthotic


  • For patients who need extra comfort, or who stand for long periods on hard surfaces
  • Ideal for those with sensitive feet
  • Moderate shock absorption at heel strike
  • StanceGuard™ for support during midstance


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