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2022 marks Foot Levelers 70th year as the world leading provider of custom orthotics. We're glad you're here!

Mother Nurture Pregnancy Orthotic
InMotion+ Custom Orthotic - Science meets Performance

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3 arch support

Three Arch Support

Foot Levelers offers the only custom orthotics that support all 3 arches of the feet.

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3 arch support

Proven Science

Foot Levelers custom orthotics are supported by proven science.

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Hand crafted orthotics


Every orthotic is uniquely designed and handcrafted.

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Made in the USA

U.S.A. Made

Always proudly made in the U.S.A.

Why Custom?
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2052-2022 | 70th Anniversary

For 70 years, our mission has been the same:

“To improve wellness worldwide through custom innovative solutions, and dynamic superior services.”

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Custom Orthotics?

Browse the numerous reviews and testimonials from doctors and patients alike. People struggling with low back painknee painplantar fasciitis, and even neck and shoulder pain find relief when treated with Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics.

Multiple Orthotics

Different Occasions / Different Orthotics

You wouldn't be caught wearing your flip-flops at work or your expensive dress shoes on the beach, would you? That's why we strongly encourage multiple pair of orthotics. If you end up getting a pair of custom flip-flops, you should also add a pair of custom orthotics for your work shoes, athletic shoes, or even get a second custom flip-flop style!

Foot Levelers also has a great selection of high-quality, comfortable, shoes for all occasions!

Multiple pair of orthotics for work or play
Using Social Media to Grow and Sustain Your Practice

More than half of the entire world population is a Facebook user today, according to HootSuite. Facebook and its sister company Instagram are two of the leading social media platforms that can provide endless potential (and revenue) for business owners including chiropractors.

pronated foot

After analyzing feet for almost 70 years, Foot Levelers has learned that 99% of the population has some degree of foot pronation! View this infographic on foot pronation and why it often leads to knee pain and other whole body issues.

Carla Churyk Success Story

I had lower back pain. I wasn’t sleeping very well. My mood was dropping and I began to have some knee issues. … I saw multiple specialists and doctors who said I needed surgery. Fast forward a few months, and I feel like I’m healed. I owe my healing all to Dr. Stu (Weitzman) and Foot Levelers custom orthotics.”

Have Low Back Pain? Look to Custom Orthotics First.

Many chiropractors encourage the use of custom orthotics to help treat a variety of problems in the system of our bodies ranging from joint pain, foot discomfort, and posture issues, and especially lower back pain. Custom orthotics are insoles that are slipped into shoes and made especially for your unique body.

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