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Orthotics for Work. Orthotics for Play.

Would you wear the same shoes for both work and play? If your answer is "no", we strongly encourage a minimum of two different pair of custom orthotics – one for work and one for play.

Orthotics for work and orthotics for play.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Orthotics for Work

In a study comprising 66 workers who stood on their feet most of the day, custom orthotic stabilizers had a positive effect. After 10 days of use, all showed improvement in all categories with custom orthotic use by providing increased comfort to workers whose main job responsibilities are accomplished while standing on hard concrete floors.

The requirements of your job, and the appropriate footwear needed for your job, vary greatly. That's why Foot Levelers offers a variety of custom orthotics to choose from:

  • NEW! 5th Avenue Orthotics for Women – These orthotics are specifically designed for women and the shoe styles women wear.
  • NEW! Elite Comfort Orthotic – For those who live and work on their feet.
  • Tough Top – Comfortable yet durable orthotic for construction, power plant, or factory workers.
  • Luxury Top – Uses Lambson™ leather for a durable comfortable fit. Includes added heel strike cushioning.
  • Comfort Top – For those on their feet most of the day. Added cushioning help reduce foot fatigue and pain.
  • Elite Energy – Helps patients live life to its fullest by including strategically-placed magnets that help boost energy and vitality*.
  • InMotion® – Most popular custom orthotic in the world! Includes strong odor and moisture control and comes in full and dress length.

Orthotics for Play

Life is much more than work, and Foot Levelers "covers the bases" with orthotics for play, sport, and leisure. Whether you're out for a walk with your dog, taking a jog, playing a sport, or even running in a marathon, Foot Levelers has custom orthotics for every situation.

  • Active Top – Durable top cover for the physically active. Odor-fighting properties. Added shock absorption.
  • XP3® and XP3+™ – 53.2% lighter than our other functional orthotics! Engineered to slip easily into most athletic shoes. MPAX technology absorbs up to 90% of shock to prevent injury and strain. XP3+ offers MPAX Pro adding improved propulsion at toe-off.
  • ParFlex® Plus® – Orthotic for Golfers. Clinically proven to help increase club head velocity 3-5 mph. Clinically proven to help improve stroke distance, typically between 9 and 15 yards.
  • CPOYA® – Designed for the unique needs of youth athletes. Includes MPAX™ technology that absorbs up to 90% shock. Includes StanceGuard™ for full weight-bearing support throughout gait cycle.

Different shoes need different Stabilizing Orthotics. Patients, meet with your doctor to find out the best combination of custom orthotics for both work and play. You deserve the best orthotics for your level of activity!


*Do not use products with magnets if you are wearing a pacemaker or electrical implant of any kind, or if you are pregnant. Increased levels of energy vary from patient to patient. Foot Levelers cannot guarantee every patient will experience increased energy.

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